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Property lawyers in Bangalore help clients with legal issues related to residential and property development, sales, acquisitions, leases, in the commercial, retail, industrial, private property ownership and residential as well as mixed-development markets. commercial property, tenants and neighbours, commercial leasing, Lawyers assist with the transfer of property including purchase and sale. They help clients to deal with the legal aspect of the rental property and defend the rights of owners, landlords, renters, and tenants. Property lawyers specialise in zoning, property development, land use, and foreclosure. 

Legal Advice

Lawyers offer legal advice on property management, zoning violations, restrictions and covenants on real estate, property taxes, and value estimates. They specialise in property disputes and deed problems and help resolve disputes over encroachment, trespass, injuries, and boundaries. Lawyers help clients to make estate transactions and deal with different problems. These include tenants in residence, proof of title, immovable structures, and illegal additions or units. Immovable structures include minerals, bushes, trees, and buildings.

Property Lawyers prepare and review real estate documents, file liens, and draft deeds. They ensure that easements, no liens, and covenants are registered against the real estate property. property Lawyers create and register documents on behalf of clients, check for adjustments, modify the terms of contracts and agreements, and negotiate the terms of sales and purchase agreements. To this, they work with investors, brokers, developers, and other attorneys. 


We have done our best and put in significant amounts of time and effort into ensuring we find the simplest and most effective ways of dealing with any regulatory issues and other problems that arise in the course of the business carried out by our clients. Our extensive research and experience in the area have enabled us to stay on top of the latest developments in the area, helping us deal with issues to the complete satisfaction of our clients. 

Some of the various varieties of cases handled by us include:

Handle title issues and environmental and insurance issues, Verification of Titles/provision of search reports, Execution of Sale Agreements, Disputes as to ownership of property, Acquisition of Property Suits regarding wrongful dispossession and other similar disputes, Zoning disputes/ regulations, Taxation Disputes, Calculation of Stamp Duty and Registration Fee.