Corporate Advisory

The Corporate Advisory advised clients on the issues faced by present-day companies, and they equipped to handle the complexity of the legal aspects of national and international transactions. We service the day-to-day legal needs of numerous companies, banking, partnerships, proprietorship, joint ventures and financial institutions, governmental entities, and individuals with varied scope and complexity.

Other than general legal advice, our Corporate Advisory offers clients legal advice on specific areas of corporate and commercial law, such as incorporation advice and services; corporate legal advice in the areas of joint ventures and liquidation.

Our Corporate Advisory ensures that our clients receive cost-effectively, value-added and fully integrated services. Our corporate advisory also provides financial structuring, including determining the proper debt-equity ratio and gearing ratio for the client.

  • Evaluate better sources of funds and Exploring refinancing alternatives of the clients.
  • Advice on rehabilitation and turnaround management
  • Hedging and Risk management
  • Devising appropriate strategies for fundraising

In today`s business environment, joint venture transactions are becoming more critical for significant and even minor-sized corporations to survive the business cycle`s ups and downs. Large corporate (both domestic and international) aggressively look for inorganic ways to expand both geographically and across the product/segment categories to fuel their growth targets.

Given our long developed relationship with the corporate, we offer tailor-made M&A advisory services to ensure a win-win situation for our clients in terms of price and the right strategic partner for the M&A transaction. We have substantial experience working on both buy-side and sell-side M & M&A deals for some of the bluest of the blue-chip companies in India.

Our M&A Advisory Services include: Buy-Side Advisory, Sell-Side Advisory, Joint Venture Arrangement, Arranging Strategic Alliances