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Our Services

Divorce Law / Family Court Matters

Family matters, our firm has been dealing with a long time now and we have developed a knack for getting judgments and orders in our favor. Family matters involve a lot of emotions, feelings, empathy; and understanding these and valuing them to the required extent helps to deal in family matters more easily. Matters like marriages, child adoption, child custody, marital breakdown, maintenance, and more delicate cases like domestic violence, divorce are all cases that we have advocated and disposed of with a snap of the finger.

Criminal law

Criminal Law covers issues such as physical assault, theft, rape, homicide, extortion, dowry harassment, caste atrocities and financial fraud...

Property document verification

Property lawyers in Bangalore help clients with legal issues related to residential and property development, acquisitions, leases, ownership...

Civil law

Advocate Kamal, A civil lawyer holds many years of experience and skills to defend individuals in civil legal matters...

Commercial law

Commercial lawyers are Counselor who advises companies and governments on business-related issues. commercial law firms are divided up into...

High Court Matters

We provide specialist lawyers who specifically possess the expertise to deal with high court cases. The lawyers are seasoned to deal with all high court matters that extend to cover writ petitions, criminal petitions, appeals, MFA, RFA, RSA. Over time, we have gained the tactical knowledge required to handle all types of appeals – criminal, miscellaneous first appeal, regular first appeal, regular second appeal with the utmost skill.

Supreme Court Matters

Dealing with supreme court cases requires utmost precision, skill, knowledge, presence of mind; which is why the lawyers handling supreme court cases have been handpicked with utmost care. These lawyers know their work like the back of their hands. Any engagement with the supreme court shall require experience, work dynamics that are not ordinary; Our firm is proud to provide you with specialist lawyers in this regard.

Court Marriage/ Marriage Registration

We also help in marriage registration and have well-specialized lawyers who deal with it. In India, marriage registration can be done either under...

Animal law

We handle all cases related to animal cruelty and animal abuse. Do call the number given below in case you need help with anything related to the..