civil law


Partition suits

Declaration suits

Money Recovery suits

Bare Injunction suits

Mandatory Injunction suits

Specific Performance of contracts suits

Adoption Suits

Guardians and Wards cases

Waqf cases

Probation and Succession Certificate

Arbitration cases

Redemption of Mortgage suits

dissolution of partnership firms

suits possession

Administration suits

Suits for cancellation of decrees, documents etc.

suits to set aside attachment

suits for eviction

landlord and tenant dispute

suit for mesne profits

Interpleader suits

Defamation suits

Public Interest Litigation

Reviews and Revision suits

Consumer Disputes

Quasi-Judicial Authorities-Court of Tahsildar

Court of Assistant Commissioner

Court of Deputy Commissioner

filing of caveats

Karnataka Appellate Tribunal

Real Estate Regulatory Authority

Cases before debt recovery tribunal

Cases before national company law tribunal

Cases related to final decree proceedings

Execution petition

Commercial dispute cases

Insolvency cases

Land acquisition cases

Accident claim cases under motor vehicles act

Industrial DIsputes

Check Bounce cases


Sale Deeds

Sale Agreement

Release Deed

Gift Deed/Hiba

Mortgage Deed


Partition Deed

Joint Development Agreement

General Power of Attorney and Special Power of Attorney

Exchange Deed

Memorandum of Understanding


Rental Agreements/Lease Agreements

Deed of Declaration of Apartment Associations

Articles of Associations and Memorandum of Associations

Bye-Laws of Association

Adoption Deed

Deed of Encumbrance

Partnership Deed


Deed of rectification